Does VPN really hide our IP address

How are you all? I hope by the grace of God everyone is well. The point of today's post is does VPN really change our real IP address?

Does VPN really hide our IP address

Does VPN really hide our IP address

The Internet is now the king of the world. Everyone uses the internet more or less. So nowadays many people use VPN to protect their privacy for internet.

But is it actually possible to protect the real IP address using VPN? Yes it is possible but we are free VPNs

70% of those we use do not protect our own privacy. But 90% of the premium VPNs we have protect our privacy.

So how do you know how much security your VPN actually gives you, if you want to know, first you connect your VPN, I connected a premium VPN, see this, I connected by selecting my Singapore server,

Then you go to this website, click here. Then scroll down a bit to see your location ,,, 

So use premium VPN, stay safe yourself, stay hassle free.

And good news for those who use free VPN, sky VPN, tometo, you can hide your location in these.

So friends this was detailed. Thanks everyone for reading the post.

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