7 Easy Tools for Writing Freelance Content

Working as a freelance content writer is not an easy task at all. Because the competition between its market strategy is huge. 

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Content writing tools help you gain new experiences as well as make other things easier. 

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Using these tools you can lead your work in a much easier way. 

Let's discuss some modern and simple methods for your writing work.

7 Easy Tools for Writing Freelance Content

7 Easy Tools for Writing Freelance Content

1) Google Docs

There is no denying that Google's products are relatively easy to use than other tools in the area. It has all the basic facilities that a freelance content writer needs. 

In addition to the basic facilities, there are many methods for your testing. It is completely free to use when correcting spelling mistakes in a blog. 

It also suggests smart editing and modification. You can convert your files to Doc (.doc), text (.txt), pdf, epub, and many more. 

Google Docs has some templates and tools that can save you time to make the document clearer and more beautiful. 

The best part of Google Docs is that it lets you easily share documents with your team and access the edit right away. 

This gives your team access to real-time editing, including small contributions from your colleagues. This is now one of the most popular methods among content writers.

2) Grammarly

Grammarly provides digital writing support. The tool verifies spelling mistakes and grammatical errors based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing. 

Sometimes the sentences are grammatically correct but it is very difficult to read a lot of words. 

Grammarly fixes it in a very nice way. It observes indirect sentences which makes the writing more interesting. 

Grammarly helps you draw attention to small mistakes in your writing. You can revise as an author or see Grammarly suggestions. 

This is a great method for native English speakers.

3) One tab

Research is needed to write advanced content. Any freelancer who wants to create quality content must study it. 

And it is also very common for writers to have multiple tabs open at once in search engines, which requires a lot of CPU memory. 

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl.

One tab keeps these tabs organized. This is a free Chrome extension that converts all your tabs into a single list of links and you can open your favorite tab or restore all tabs whenever you want. 

This has made research work more integrated and easier.

4) Basecamp

A good content writer is always busy managing different projects for different clients. Not all deadlines, requirements, and notes are easy to keep in mind. 

Basecamp is probably the best project management method for content writers. It keeps the writer's brain organized. It also has to-do lists and calendar views of projects.

This allows client access and establishes a very nice understanding within the team. Basecamp allows group members to have informal conversations with each other through its group chat functionality. 

By replacing instant messaging tools, fast communication is possible through the software without any errors. Basecamp is very effective for virtual teams to collaborate with each other.

5) Evernote

Ideas are the key to writers. Good writing largely depends on its concept and themes. Our idea production process is very complex. 

It can come on the way home, on the moving bus, and even while taking a bath. Evernote is our partner in taking note of these ideas. 

Evernote can keep track of ideas and save them for you and can be used for various projects. Evernote has a lot more, including cloud management, and multi-platform support. 

It helps brainstorm ideas, write blogs, and start new ideas. It's free for full use and available for iOS, Android, Windows, and other devices.

6) Canvas

Images and pictures make the content more interesting and it is not easy to find the right image just by googling on the web. 

Canvas is a great online resource for good-quality images. The canvas contains a wide collection of pre-made images and drawings. The content on the canvas is much more artistic than any other. 

You can also create your own image, add text to it and edit it. You can edit templates online or even offline. 

It lets you store your photos on its site and gives you unlimited storage access. The best part is the canvas image and image quality. 

Canvas is very easy to use and one of the best image resource sites for freelance content writers.

6) Text expander

TextExpander lets you instantly insert text snippets from email, boilerplates, and other content space when you type '-' for a quick search or summary. 

Many authors and reputable companies now use TextExpander to enhance their content. Sometimes you can't find the right words to express the idea of ​​the content. 

TextExpander solves this problem very well. It replaces the words or some letters you want and saves them as needed.

7) Copyscape

Plagiarism is one of the current problems. There are millions of resources on the web that make it very difficult for freelancers to verify the authenticity of a document.

It is very embarrassing when your writing coincides with the subject matter of another document. 

Copyscape is an online Plagiarism identification service that works to find out if the same text is being displayed elsewhere on the web. 

Copyscape helps you find out if the documents are original and unique.

This is very effective for publishing your client or guest writer content on your site. It enhances the author's reputation and retains the author's image to clients.

These content writing tools help you streamline your content creation process. This will save you a lot of time. 

Using these tools allows you to focus on improving the quality of your content. I hope these eight content writing tools are exactly what you've been looking for.

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